Discover How Bach and Boujee Turns Your Kelowna Bachelorette into an Unforgettable Celebration!

Planning your Kelowna bachelorette party is no easy feat, but with Bach and Boujee, your bridal party dreams will come true. Their expert team specializes in creating unforgettable experiences tailored to your vision. Say goodbye to the stress and hello to a celebration you’ll cherish forever.
Bach and Boujee is dedicated to transforming your Kelowna bachelorette party into an extraordinary celebration. With a passion for creating unique and memorable experiences, our expert team ensures every detail is perfectly tailored to your vision. From luxurious accommodations to exciting activities, we handle all the planning so you can focus on enjoying your special day. Trust Bach and Boujee to make your bridal party dreams come true with elegance and style.

Interview with Kelowna Bachelorette Party Planner, Bach and Boujee


I had the pleasure of interviewing the owner of Bach and Boujee, and her passion for creating extraordinary bachelorette parties was truly inspiring. During our conversation, she shared insights into how her team crafts personalized, memorable experiences for each bridal party. Here’s what she had to say about making every celebration unique and unforgettable.

Can you describe your business and how you make bachelorette parties special?


Bach and Boujee is dedicated to making bachelorette parties unforgettable and stress-free. We do this by offering themed decorations shipped anywhere worldwide and local planning services to Kelowna BC. Our curated “Bach Box” includes everything needed for a themed party, such as balloon banners, balloon arches, sunglasses, and sashes, all in one convenient package. With themes like Final Flamingle, Veuve Before Vows, Last Rodeo, and Taylor Swift’s Bridal Era, we ensure each party is unique and tailored to the bride’s personality, allowing everyone to focus on celebrating and creating lasting memories.

What inspired you to become a party planner specializing in bachelorette parties?


Bach and Boujee started after the summer of 2022 when I planned three bachelorette parties, including one for my sister. During that time, I noticed a significant need for comprehensive and coordinated bachelorette party supplies. I think I did 16 orders on Amazon and Etsy to pull together the decorations for one party only! As the maid of honour or planner, I often found myself spending much more money than I collected from the other participants. This realization led to the creation of Bach and Boujee, a business dedicated to providing everything needed for a memorable bachelorette party in one place.

How do you customize a bachelorette party to fit the bride’s personality?


We begin by selecting a theme that reflects her style, whether it’s something fun like Barbie or elegant like Vino Before Vows. From there, we tailor every detail to suit her taste, including personalized decorations, custom sashes, and themed accessories.

What are some popular themes or activities you’ve organized for bachelorette parties?


Every year, our themes evolve to reflect the latest trends. This year, Barbie, Bridal Era/She Found Her Lover (Taylor Swift), Margaritas & Matrimony, and Veuve Before Vows are by far our most popular themes! Toast on the Coast is also trending and super cute –  I love the blue!
woman pouring wine on counter

How do you handle last-minute changes or unexpected issues during a party?


We understand that flexibility is key when it comes to event planning. To handle last-minute changes or unexpected issues, we always have a backup plan in place. Our team is trained to think on their feet and adapt quickly to any situation. We ALWAYS ( I say this lightly because in our first ever setup, we accidentally blew up the “R” in Bride and had no replacement on-site LOL ) carry extra supplies and decorations to address any last-minute needs and maintain open communication with our clients throughout the event to ensure everything runs smoothly. 

Can you share a memorable bachelorette party you planned and what made it special?


One of the most memorable bachelorette parties I planned was for my sister in Palm Springs. We rented a beautiful house and went all out with a nautical theme, which was my first fully-themed bachelorette party. The decorations, games, and activities all reflected the nautical theme, creating a cohesive and fun atmosphere. This experience was incredibly special because it was for my sister, and it also served as the inspiration for starting Bach and Boujee. The success and joy of that event made me realize the potential for creating memorable themed bachelorette parties, and I kind of owe Bach and Boujee to it!


What advice do you have for bridesmaids who are planning a bachelorette party on a budget?


Planning a bachelorette party on a budget is all about prioritizing and getting creative. Start by setting a clear budget and stick to it. Focus on a few key elements that will make the biggest impact, such as a memorable theme and fun activities. Consider DIY options for decorations and favors to save money. Our “Bach Box” is a great option because it provides all the themed essentials in one package, saving you from making multiple purchases. Also – plan dinner in one night,  get dressed up and open some nice wine and enjoy the place you rented! Finally, communicate with the group to share costs and responsibilities, ensuring everyone contributes and no one feels overwhelmed.

What are the most common requests you get from brides or their friends when planning a bachelorette party?


The most common requests we receive are for unique and memorable themes that reflect the bride’s personality.  Many also request personalized touches, like custom sashes or themed photo props, to make the event extra special.

How do you ensure that all guests, including those who might not know each other well, have a great time?


We also suggest having a mix of planned activities and free time, allowing guests to mingle and get to know each other at their own pace. Personalized touches, like custom name tags or personalized cups in your mimosa bar, can also help guests feel more connected and involved in the celebration.

Is there anything else you’d like our readers to know about planning a bachelorette party?


Absolutely! Planning a bachelorette party should be a fun and enjoyable experience, not a stressful one. Start early, stay organized, and don’t hesitate to delegate tasks to other members of the group. Remember that the most important aspect is celebrating the bride and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Personal touches and thoughtful details can make a big difference, so focus on what will make the bride feel special. Finally, don’t be afraid to reach out for help—whether it’s from a professional service like Bach and Boujee or simply asking friends for their input and assistance. Enjoy the process and have fun celebrating this special occasion!

And there you have it! Hire Bach and Boujee to make your Kelowna bachelorette party fun, memorable, and Instagrammable AF. With their expertise and passion, your celebration will be nothing short of extraordinary, leaving you with memories and photos to treasure forever.

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